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Abnormal Titans, Abnormals or Abberants are a type of Titan which look identical to Normal Titans, but behave differently. They are found on all difficulty levels, and are more common the higher the difficulty is. They can be identified by their running animation and their hands sticking out; however, when standing still it is not as easy to identify them between other Titans.


Abnormals are generally more responsive that normal Titans, and have additional unique attacks. An Abnormal will run after the player faster than a normal Titan of its size would walk. The Abnormals' signature attack is their belly-flop, killing any players unfortunate enough to be under it, though they can preform the normal attack of a normal Titan if they are agitated. If the player is close enough to the Abnormal's feet, the Abnormal can kick the player instead of belly-flopping.


  • Abnormal Titans can
  • The belly-flop has a big area of effect
  • Unexpected challenge to new players
  • Belly flops can dodge attacks


  • After the belly-flop, they lie on the ground for a short while, making them vulnerable to attacks.
  • After four belly-flops, they will bend over for a few seconds, making them vulnerable to attacks.
  • A player can bait a belly-flop by simply being over the titan, and the belly flop will not kill the player.

An Abnormal Titan bending over.


  • Despite being stated as 'unpredictable' in the original series, the Abnormals in the game have very predictable behavior patterns.
  • Abnormals can rarely do a triple slap attack, then add a fourth attack to the combo by belly-flopping.
  • Abnormals are different from Jumpers as they are not capable of jumping. This could create confusion and lower the guards of players.
  • On Colossal Titan Mode, some Abnormals will ignore the players and run into a crowd of Civilians, triggering Titan victory.
  • An Abnormal can be blinded while lying on the ground right after a belly-flop.
  • In the first versions of the Titans, Abnormals had a different model due to this the spawns would not be random and the Abnormals would be placed in the same spot on the map every time the level is started.
  • The Abnormal Titan is likely inspired from the Abnormal Titan that attempts to attack the crowd of civilians in the Battle of Trost, which is killed by Mikasa.