Attack On Titan Tribute-Game Wiki
Attack On Titan Tribute-Game Wiki

Anti-Cheat is a [[::Category:Mod|mod]] that has been accepted by Feng Lee as one of the usable mods. The real mod can be found here.


Prevent others from changing your name or guild

Custom kick messages for some scenarios

Simple alternate game modes like titan health, with toggle-able health bars

Private messages to other players

Advanced room list filter

Rebinding of Air Burst, Reeling and Horse mounting

First Person camera mode

Compatible with RC mods custom maps

More player titan attacks

Titans cause less lag

Features only when you are the Master Client

Automatically kick players who do things such as MC stealing, object spawning, kill commands, and restart spam

Kick and ban players through commands

Change settings like difficulty, maximum players, and titan spawn rates.

Message that greets players entering the server, can be customized