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Eren Yeager (also known as Eren Jaeger among the American Audience.) is a playable cast character. Eren is the main protagonist of the Attack on Titan anime and manga series. After witnessing the Colossus Titan destroy Wall Maria, allowing titans to get in and kill his parents, along with destroying much of the Shiganshina (His home town.), he vowed to destroy every last titan and went onto join the Survey Corps, proving himself as a valuable member.


Eren's appearance matches similarly to his anime counterpart though it also takes elements from the manga version. He has very dark hair (Can be considered black or a very dark brown.) with large green eyes and thick furrowed eyebrows making Eren look angry and determined which well reflects his character in the series as a whole. As for clothing, he has three different costumes in game.

All three have a pale green shirt with brown tassels at the collar, the standard white trousers, a brown sash at the waist, brown knee-high boots and the standard ODM equipment. His first outfit has him uniquely wearing the standard military jacket with the Survey Corps emblem imbued on it's front and back and a short hooded green cape with the Survey Corps emblem also imbued on it.


Eren Yeager is a balanced character with a focus more on his special ability than the standard ODM use. He is easy to use and makes for a pretty good starter character yet he is a widely unpopular choice for more experienced players.


  • Eren's Titan Transformation boasts great versatility and works in many situations such as when being grabbed or when fighting a cluster of titans, It would also be worth noting that Titan Eren will completely dominate the battlefield for it's duration, with regular titans standing little to no chance against him making for a powerful weapon if used correctly.

Eren Yeagers stats

  • Titan Eren has a short array of vastly powerful attacks. Titan Eren can perform a three hitter punch combo, with the final punch acting as a one-shot for any titans within it's vicinity regardless of whether it hits the nape or not. Titan Eren can also perform a singular kick that takes out any smaller titans with ease along with a roar that attracts nearby titans closer to him.
  • Eren boasts mostly balanced stats with a slight weakness in GAS & BLA by 10 points.


  • Titan Eren has a very long cool down, if not, the longest cooldown for an ability in the game.
  • The first person to pick Eren in a lobby is the one that receives the Titan Eren ability whilst otherwise, players will receive Front Flip Grapple as a replacement causing Eren to lose most of his strengths and become one of the more weaker characters in the game.

Special Ability

  • Titan Eren is a unique ability that allows Eren to transform into a powerful Titan. This form allows him to run around the map and kill Titans incredibly quickly and efficiently without risk of death whatsoever.
  • Front Flip Grapple is the replacement special ability if Titan Eren ability is disabled in the games settings or there are one too many Eren characters in game.


  • Eren is generally shunned upon by the community due to the Titan Transformation special causing a series of lag spikes to most other players, as well as often stealing kills from other players. It is also worthy to be noted that the Transformation attracts Titans towards him and can also cause a form of lag with the Titans as well, forcing them to walk in place from time to time.
  • Eren has the lowest stat total out of all the characters, excluding customs if one holds back on investing points.