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The Female Titan

The Female Titan is a [[::Category:Boss Titans|boss titan]] that can only be fought in Outside the Walls, or Annie.


Annie I

Nape: Normal-1000 Hard-2500 Abnormal-3000

Ankle: Normal-50 Hard-200 Abnormal-200

Annie II

Nape: Normal-1000 Hard-3000 Abnormal-4000

Ankle: Normal-50 Hard-200 Abnormal-100


It will run around, jumping, kicking, and punching players. She doesn't have a pattern of who she goes with, she'll aiming for one person one moment, then turn around running across the map the next.


  • Is incredibly accurate
  • Always in motion
  • Very fast
  • She can grab players and when she does, she immediately crushes the player.


  • The neck is a medium target
  • It can be ankle capped
  • Can be stopped by tree branches
  • Nape is quite fragile on high damage.


  • Titan Eren cant damage the Female Titan, and she can kick his head clean off (There is also a chance that Eren can be killed if the Female Titan hits directly where the neck is)
  • You can blind the Female Titan, and when you do she does a penta swat combo
  • You can kill her with Rifles very easily. Meaning, AHSS units can easily deal with her.
  • The Female Titan can be summoned by Annie (Customized Character Preset) when mods are used, this is however considered as abusive and will get you kicked/banned from most servers.
  • She is a playable character in the new Beta.