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Attack On Titan Tribute-Game Wiki

Guilds are the titles and groupings of many players. When making an account or using a [[::Category:Mod|mod]], you can make a guild. The guild name will appear above your real name, so do not confuse the two. You can have a colored guild name if you use color codes. Guilds generally have a guild symbol that they all use on forums and whatnot.

There are many Guilds and some will be listed on this page, along with the founder's name and the Guild symbol.

If your guild or a guild you know isn't on this page, feel free to add them, following the format you see below.

Ready for Battle

Founders: Assyrian and Jazz

Ready for Battle was founded on the 3rd of August in 2014 by Assyrian and Jazz. Since that moment the guild has started to grow rapidly. The guild is based around Europe and hosts it's servers under the name "RfB". While RfB plays all types of games in AoTTG, it's all-time favourite has always been "Players vs Player Titans". Many friendly PvT matches have been held, as RfB issued a challenge on the forums. Ready for Battle have also made an appearance on the competitive stages and won the AoTTG Wolf Winter Games of 2015.

We are in general a bunch of fun crazy people, playing multiple games together. It's never boring around us! Feel free to greet us, should you spot our guild tag around! Also make sure to visit one of our servers, we won't bite! ;-)

The Ready for Battle logo.

27th Survey Corps

Founder: Suraru

The 27th Survey Corps is the 2nd oldest guild in the game, created shortly after Talons of Liberty. It is fairly large, with around 60 members. You can contact the guild here and on its Reddit page.

The old 27th Survey Corps Symbol.


Founder: DealiTT | Joel Smith


This is a guild that holds unique and skilled people. We are neutral with what goes on around us. We tolerate our members and will deal with any issues that appear. All of our players have voices from their pride.

NewGen Logo.jpg


Founder: Abiicias

Founded on June 14th, 2014, Ascension is an active, non-competitive guild. The main cause of Ascension is to create a healthy, non-toxic, aura for its members. For what they lack in a hardcore urge to be the best guild in the community, they focus more on creating a "family" type atmosphere. Applications and join requests are no longer being taken as majority of members are now adults and dealing with ever changing day to day responsibilities.

Logo of the Ascendants.

Attack on Wikia

Founder: coriidor5

Attack on Wikia is a guild made and designed for playing with people from this website. Ask coriidor5 to join if wanted.

Guild Image


Founder: Takashi

Azeroth is a new guild that is skilled. To contact the guild, you can go here.

Azeroths guild symbol

Blood Corps

Founder: Dracus/Dmandom

The purpose of this guild is to train newbies and own [[::Category:Titans|Titans]] to join find me I'm usually on after 3:45 pm or early in the morning like 5:00 or 3:00 am (Canadian wise)

The Wings Of Blood


Founder: christoperkrist

CreativeRoom is a very large and diverse guild based in Indonesia but includes many members from around the world. Most members are skilled and active on Asian servers.

CreativeRoom Guild symbol


Founder: Makoto Naegi

Despair Is a small guild featuring only 3 players, not so skilled, but is willing to recruit other players

=Dragon Fang=

Founder: tc7john             

Leader: kokey Crunch             

The Dragon's Fang is an ancient symbol, though its original Meaning has been forgotten by present-day people. ... Since the Breaking and the splitting of the Aes Sedai to remove the men, the Dragon's Fang has taken on an evil Meaning. A common use is to be scrawled on someone's door as an accusation of evil or as a curse.

Dragon Fang is a skilled guild and friendly. This guild love playing duels, 1 vs 1 and fast kill. If you want to join Chat this (Roger Kian Lagozar or Charles Limbaga) :)

=Play Nice= :)

=Play Fair=

=Good Game Well played=


Expeditions Beyond the Walls

Founder: Erwin Smith#6637

This is a relatively new guild, having founded March 2017, but contains 300+ players with around 50-70 of them active as of October 2019 on a monthly basis. This is a community open for anyone with any skills, experience, and background ranging from brand new players to players who have been around for years. Here, we embark on expeditions on a custom-made map that follows the 57th Expedition Outside the Wall lasting around an hour to complete. Additionally, we have introduced the Season 2 map leading from the beginning of the anime, the attack of Utgard Castle and the reveal of the Colossal and Armoured Titan. All of this is taken place with a fully-built formation that includes Right and Left Wings, a Rear and Vanguard, Center, and wagons. Besides these expeditions, there are also a lot of other expedition maps created by the community. These days, we also focus heavily upon unity maps which result into expeditions that can last two to three hours!

We also have our very own private mod that includes 4 new flares, wagons that hold refill stations as well as game-changing settings that include selecting a render distance, camera distance and an ability to kick abusive players. Not to forget the possibility to have Unity maps within AoTTG! This mod is called the Expedition Mod, and it's developed by Tic#7985 . This mod is also available at our partnered Expedition servers and to anyone else that wishes to join expeditions.

Currently, a brand new expedition map is on its way. It's the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls map, fully re-made within AoTTG itself. The map is gigantic and contains a lot of exploration! Our server is a friendly and active community. Meet new people, reunite with old ones and join the fight for humanity! Will you be there to serve humanity once we advance? Do you wish to get the most out of AoTTG together with others that have passion about Attack on Titan and its expeditions?

Apply at our Discord recruitment server, and perhaps we shall meet each other beyond the walls.

Expeditions beyond the walls.gif

Final Hit

Original Founder: Inward


  1. Inward
  2. Rimo8
  3. CAtastr0x
  4. Zechten (Current)

Final Hit was originally a guild founded in WoW, they joined the AoTTG community and began competing among the top guilds, rivalling some of the strongest, they quickly gained respect and became regarded as one of the best.

Final Hit specializes in the Racing category and even won the event during the Wolf Winter Games in 2015, marking them as champions. The guild is ranked 5th on the overal ladder.

Custom survey corps by hakitojin-d8p39ml.png

Freedom From the Walls

Founders: AlgerianWizard, Marazul & CatPen

The Freedom From the Walls logo.

The Freedom From the Walls is a community of consisting well-seasoned Veteran players and fresh new faces to the game, with one idea in mind: a democracy-based Expedition server that listens to its community. After leaving our original server due to issues with its leader, we established our own expedition-server to improve on what we couldn't in the previous server.

Our main event includes a community-hosted expedition, using a large range of maps and simulated in a defensive formation similar to the original anime/manga. We utilize Expedition Mod, a version of AoTTG based off RC Mod that enhances expeditions. We range from large-scale maps similar to the 57th Expedition from the anime, to squad-based missions for team building - and even custom made maps ported from the Unity engine!

We also promote activity within our community - whether you’re talking in general, participating in community games or creating different forms of art. Our server runs consistent community activities such as playing other games or move nights, and we also run occasional events to show off people's creative talents.

We welcome all users - new and veteran! Our server is still being improved and built-upon with each day, so now is the best time to join our server!

Interested in joining? You can contact the following people on Discord for invites to our server:



Front Lines

A mid-sized guild of medium to high skilled players consisting of four sections: Recruitment, Anti-modding, Assault team, and Elite. Mainly consists of free agents. Not seen openly recruiting since 12-25-15. Current guild leaders are

Taylor Lee (creator/ leader), Kairu(creator/leader), Roshan Hydra (second in command), Kitsura (third in command), and Utsuro (Drafting and mission scout). Requirements for the guild are unknown. Works in tandem with the Black Knights.

Frost Corps

Founder: Crystal

The Frost Corps is a small guild with 5 or so members mainly focused on training to get high amounts of damage. (1k and up) We usually start 1k servers to practice, otherwise, we are probably doing dumb stuff like titan racing, anti-gas, etc. We are also talking about other things like anime, gaming, and stuff. Contact for recruiting or if you're just bored... (Logo WIP)

"These soldiers think their training will keep them alive. They break down doors and come through windows, weapons drawn. But it's too late. They forgot the first rule of survival. A real hunter always watches where he steps."— Kapkan


Founder: prostopopez

Russian-speaking Guild founded by prostopopez at 12 Aug 2015. This Guild from creation was the most active in the Russian-speaking community. GAddess was always ranked in the top guilds in Russian community ( achievements ). Also, members of this Guild have participated in many Guild Battles, Statistics of wins/losses of the Guild at the beginning of 2018 - 62/24 ( 72% of wins ). Every player has his own statistics with his Forest 3 10min run best and other personal bests ...

Also, guild participated in few world/local tournaments, usually Blade PvP, sometimes kills/racing. Also organized own tournaments, for example, "AoTTG Arena Championship" - . Right now guild taking part in "The Last Winter" Tournament. Also, the Guild has its own system of achievements and activity log.


prostopopez, VelikiyKrist, Arumin, xanzo_xattor, Himera, Nami, skill, Babushka, Rexha, Patap, Demer, Cat, Rexha, Patap, Demer, Cat, Syorito, Kosuke.

Example of activity log:

20.10.2017 - passed Forest 3 Normal Full VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattori RexhaNami Inanis Demer
20.10.2017 - passed Forest 3 Hard Full VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattori RexhaNami Inanis Demer
20.10.2017 - passed Forest 3 Abnormal Full VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattori RexhaNami Inanis
20.10.2017 - passed Forest 2 Normal Full Patap VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattoriRexha Nami Inanis
21.10.2017 - passed Forest 2 Hard Full xanzo_xattori Cat prostopopez Rexha Nami Arumin
29.10.2017 - passed Forest 2 Abnormal Full Cat prostopopez Arumin Himera Rexha
03.11.2017 - passed Forest 4 Normal Full Cat prostopopez Himera Rexha Nami

Hellfire Corps

Founder: Kerchoo

The Hellfire Corps is a hand-in-hand partner with the Frost Corps. Our combat focus is quick and varying damage kills. Our job between the corps is to go in a first line, kill as many as we have time for, and let the Frost Corps come in and finish them off. Obviously, both corps can do each other's jobs, as they are trained together. Regular training schedules will vary based on availability. We are active and keep in mind our corps are the most advanced of the entire four partner guilds. Our practice consists of a regular 30 + titan kill streak, horse combat, and an Akina race in formation for cohesive training. Regularly, we will be fooling around and just roast each other by "accident". Contact for information. Logo WIP

Blue Lagoon

Founders: Myriamxx, SaitoKill

Bl logo.png

Blue Lagoon is a small guild started on July 9th, 2014. A group of players that met on The City when the game was first coming out and wanted to stay in contact. Originally the founders were good friends who had met on RS and were very friendly and helpful to newcomers to the AOTTG. We can always be found playing on The City or Forest III, any members can host with the name 'BL RAID' and all are welcome to join and chat. 

The guild has been disbanded.


Founder: Phineas_

Jaegerbomb is a large guild with a lot of skilled players. They ascended from the pits of dank spitting bars like a mad rap group from the 90's. The guild was founded on December 29th, 2013 making it one of the oldest guilds. They are known for their dank memes and their damage, having the only player to legitimately hit a 10k, the best yoyo-ers and non-yoyo-ers in the world, and some of the best damage combo players. They are also known for restarting games and choking. Eventually drama fear of Nazi invasion leads the guild to remove their leader and make a council. Currently, the council members are Lito, Niko, Omega, Tako, Fedda, Hieu, and Martin. You can contact them by adding tranny97 on Skype; he's very friendly so don't be shy.



Founder: Kayton

KAMI is an only Brazilian guild created at first by a group of friends who liked to play Aottg together. the guild became bigger and now we have around 20+ players on it. We all like playing in competitions and dueling sometimes. You can see our guildtage by clicking here. Full of weebs tho, just like Aottg itself and this Wikia


Kill Them All

Founder: OCDexter

2nd Leader: Katsu 

3rd Leader: Mzlaoq 

Very nice community, it exists for almost as long as aottg itself. It doesn't specialise in anything and doesn't play competitevely, it's just a fun group of people. In present days KTA members(all 4 of them who are still alive) dont even play at all. And that's a bummer. 

Knights of Redemption

Founder: Shady

As of 9/11/15, KoR has been disbanded.

Knights of Redemption is a fairly large guild, that has won various awards in AOTTG competition. You can contact them here.

Knights Of Redempiton Guild symbol


Good guild, created in 2015 by Yumishi and Mikoto. It was a good guild, Mikoto wanted to recreate Kumei but a lot conflict. Kumei has been deleted a lot of time, now she still exists. There are a lot of good bomb players. (Cry, Izus, Ilyas...)


Legacy was created in February 2015. It has long been since disbanded. Legacy won the famous tournament ASO. We were carried by the likes of AbrahamLincoln, DragonSlayer, and Sigda. It was founded by Genjutsu, Daisy, and Seamoose.


Log Horizon

Founder: Otakumaster

Founded on November 28th, 2015. Log Horizon is a supporting guild where we either support players and guilds, or Aottg itself. We hoping to meet new players who are willing to train or others who are from other guilds who need to get themselves better for their guild. This is based on the anime as well. We also support skin making too. For more info here the website here. (Invites are closed till further Aottg notice add me on the website contact page if you wish to talk)

Log Horizon Logo

Midnight Embers Alliance

Founder: SashaKai, Toxicpaste

Midnight Embers Alliance aka. MEA or Super Duper Dhoenix Gang is basically the leftovers of the Talons of Liberty. 


Seal Corps

Founder: Shiru

Seal Corps is a young, 2 years and 4 months old (created on 9 December 2017) clan consisting of various types of players with around 57 members. The clan is made to give an opportunity to new players to train at any field or pace to earn the ranks and serve the guild itself, for more experienced players to perfect their skills as well as finding their new potential role in the clan.

Players are free to choose their major role they will excel most at and will have the opportunity to join in one of the Houses of Honor. Everyone is welcome to the clan, whether it is about playing within the clan or just playing alongside with it. You can talk about different topics other than gaming, too!

There's also a map created by some of the members in the clan. It's named "Seal Ball" Make sure to join the server if you want to play with us!

Contact -

Discord: ItzSeal#8891 or Saki#4175

Join the Official Server Here:

Seal Corps brand new logo boi.png


Founder: Liam/Kai

Selcouth is a guild established on June 6th, 2015. Its prime objective is to create a secure and soothing environment for users of AOTTG, or other members of the community.    

Selcouth guild symbol


Founder: St Til

Storm is a guild that was founded on the 30th of July 2016 by St Til. Storm is a guild with abnormal skill level. If you are not skilled at AoTTG, then to join you must be a nice person which most of the guild approves of. This guild consists of players who enjoy hitting combos on titans with huge damage points. To join, simply contact St Til on Skype; live:sttil0507


Talons of Liberty

Founder: Arise

As of 4/11/2015, ToL has been disbanded.

The talons of liberty is a very large guild with a diverse set of people. The talons reflect strength, and the wings represent mobility and honor. You can contact them here.

The symbols are very diverse, with each member having a unique and custom symbol. This one is a general use symbol.

The Family

Founder: AXEL

The Family is a guild created by the modder AXEL in an attempt to moderate the game and reduce the drama. The family is made of mostly modders, including some of the most well-known modders. You can contact them on their website. [1]

The Reborn


Greetings, The Reborn guild is a new guild. We are aggressively in need of players and staff members for our guild. Gene has made a server on discord for us to communicate. Hoping that you will join us!

Discord Server: ☀

Contact me on:

Reborn logo 2.png

Valiant Corps

Founder: Blane

Valiant Corps, The Guild for active players, Has a variety of rankings, This guild also contains some very well skilled members that specializes in killing titans,pvping players or Racing. We require you to have discord. To join, find any valiant corps server on Asia *as we are very active every day.* or contact us on our facebook page : .



Founder: RedFlare


The Vatican is an amiable guild that accepts all who wish to join. At three years and counting, the guild is constantly growing and always accepting new members. If you are interested in joining, please contact us here.

Effetto lenti2.jpg

Recon Corps PH

Founder: Kestrell / XerkeenXIII / Wickedeye03

Recon Corps PH is a guild that is based on Philippines, and created on May 11, 2014. Most of its members came from other disbanded or inactive guilds such as GEO.STIGMA, SoulSlasher ASIA and U.N.I.F.Y.

If interested to join, you can contact the guild's moderators and admins here: