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Jean Kirstein is a playable [[::Category:Characters|character]]. He is a well-balanced character with exceptional gas capacity, allowing for high durability. However, this creates a weakness in his blade durability meaning players need to ensure kills are efficient as possible. His special ability is highly favoured among lesser-skilled players, making him a good pick for beginner players and those vulnerable to dying often.


Like his anime character, Jean has short, dirty blonde hair with light brown, intense narrowed eyes. He wears the default skin with an olive green shirt.


Speed: 100

Gas Capacity: 150

Blade Durability: 80

Acceleration: 100

Jean Kirstein's stats


Jean Kirstein excels in endurance. Paired with Escape, the focus of this character is to last very long periods of time.


  • Has a very large amount of gas, which allows him to not have to refill for a very long time. 
  • His special ability allows a player to escape from a Titan's hold. 
  • Speed and Acceleration are balanced


  • Escape is not effective against bosses or crawlers
  • Special ability only works once per life
  • No special ability is available once it is used up, meaning players can only attack normally.
  • Blade durability is a little below average


Escape - When grabbed by a Titan, Jean has an opportunity to free an arm from the grip and bring down his blade on the Titan's hand, allowing him to escape from it's grip. This is an incredibly useful technique for this reason, but also as it creates a window of opportunity: the animation for the Titan eating a player continues despite being free, allowing for the player or an ally to swoop in for a kill. This ability only works once per life - a good technique for this is using this ability in the last moment after being grabbed, in case an ally has the opportunity to help you out.


  • Jean is the one of the only players to have a one time use special, the other being the Custom Character.
  • Jean's high gas speed may be a nod to his canonical reference of being one of the most adept gear users in the 104th Training Corps.