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Levi Ackerman is a playable character in the Attack on Titan Tribute Game. Arguably the strongest human character in the game, Levi's stats are very good. His acceleration is the highest of all characters, allowing players for quick and fast kills. Players of high skill fare best with this character.


Levi's appearance takes from his manga counterpart. His short, raven hair is cut as an undercut but has dull grey eyes rather than his anime's dull blue. His eyes are narrowed, face expressionless. He wears the default costume with a white-button up shirt and his trademark white ascot.


Speed (SPD): 95

Gas Capacity (GAS): 100

Blade Durability (BLD): 100

Acceleration (ACL): 150


Levi Ackerman excels in aerial speed. The focus of this character is speedy offense.

His special ability is his famous Spin Attack, allowing Levi to use a hook to grab a nearby object and spin wildly inflicting high damage.


  • Very high acceleration
  • Other stats are also very good
  • Special ability allows for high-damage kills and is also a good dodging technique


  • Not effective in maps with low amounts of surroundings, like Hills
  • Can be too quick for less adept players to react to.


Spin Attack - derived from his anime counterpart's signature move, this is Levi's special attack. It involves using a hook to attach to a nearby object, propel himself forward and spin 360 degrees. This move includes great potential for high damage is performed well. It has a 4 second cooldown.


  • Levi is the one with the most damage potential, having the highest acceleration and having the highest damage dealing special.