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Marco Bott is a playable [[::Category:Characters|character]] in Attack on Titan Tribute Game. Marco serves as a well-balanced supporting character with a decent amount of stats. He is best made for beginner and amateur players who would rather act as a support in teams than as an offensive position.


Like his anime adaptation, Marco has black short, parted hair though differentiates from it with grey eyes rather than brown. He wears the default skin with a white button-up shirt, though noticeably he lacks the green cape.


Speed: 110

Gas Capacity: 100

Blade Durability: 115

Acceleration: 95


Marco Bott is a balanced character. His focus is to distract titans, saving other players and creating opportunities of attacks.


  • Can potentially save others by distracting Titans
  • Balanced
  • Two or more Marcos can infinitely distract a titan


  • Special not effective against Boss Titans
  • Special is more harmful than useful in solo games
  • Special can't affect Titans who have grabbed other players


Attract - Marco's special ability has him flail his arms around in order to attract nearby Titans to target him rather than other players. It's a good support technique to create aggro on yourself to save other players crowded by large groups of Titans, and also can create opportunities of attack for others.


  • Marco's special is much less useful in single player.
  • If there are enough Marcos, it becomes possible to infinitely distract a titan, provided the Attracts are timed well.
  • Marco is the only character who's default skin does not include the green cape and is in the Training Corps branch - this is because he canonically died before joining any branch.
  • Marco's eyes are a different color from his anime and manga adaptation. This could be because Feng was not aware of what Marco's true eye color was and opted for a vague color.