Very abusive modder. He got banned from Raoh's forum for posting a highly abusive mod which could have destroyed your computer. His mod was known as Legendary Hero Mod.


Has been modding for a while, but isn't that good, helped Patrik on ArchMod, and has helped a lot of new modders start out. Has multiple different private mods, only active one only he has rarely anyone ever got his mod.


He created the RRC Mod for the Ranked Community. But after this project, he left the game cause in his opinion it is dead. He was the leader of one of the smallest known guilds, FinalArt. He made the FinalArt Mod and was good friends with Dan Chrysaetos.


Currently developing (are you sure?) the CRC Mod. He made the Optimized Vanilla Mod too.


Used to mod. Unknowingly vanished from the community.


Made DogeBot and DogeMod. He stopped modding many months ago because he got bored.


Made WiredEx and Electric Company (EC) Mod. He also helped Rogan learn more about modding.


Made "Skyzr Mod" and "LxS Mod (WIP)" with a lot of help from Overlord Kitsune. He was helped by Raoh with two things. He also made SRC Mod. Apparently, he stopped modding. Also known as Skit.


*A legendary modder, made Anti-Cheat Mod, he and RiceCake worked on a small Unity game called "Project Voltage". Unfortunately, it's discontinued. He helped RiceCake with antis.


Legendary Modder also made Kraby Mod, unfortunately outdated. He's very kind. He also made some games with Unity, so you can see he's very experienced.

* = Legendary as in one of the first and bravest.


Kyouko is the only known female modder of AoTTG. Her private mod is the GALAXY-MOD, aka KRC. She started modding in February 2016, but quit in October 2016.


A loli god. His private mod was called LSM months ago, but apparently, he broke it, so he made a new one called LHM (Loli Hentai Mod). People often misspell his name. He's very obsessed with lolis. Moved to VRChat.


An openly gay former modder. Probably the only one that's incredibly close with both DogeMat and Rogan.

Made Fierce Deity Link Mod, Fierce Deity Link Mod V2, Sharkeisha Mod. And his own private mod, which is known as "LNON". Formerly "Lank's Mod". Although it didn't have many users. He's also well-known for being a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise, despite his name being recognized from The Legend of Zelda.

He has also made several programs, which can be found on his GitHub. And has apparently made BRS Mod v4 playable again, according to this YouTube video.


An above-average level modder, somewhat unknown to the community. Their mod has a very powerful DC, but few antis. He helped Esli, Saber and other modders. Seemingly, he created a bot and gave it to Esli and had some bad reputation in the past, but now he changed(?). Also known as Vastator, Prometheus, Bahaa. His last resort in dealing with faggots would be to simply DOS them.

Overlord Kitsune 

Made his own private mod, known as Kitsune Mod, and a public mod, the "Portal Mod". He stopped modding around May 2015, he took a break, and then he started modding again. Their mod is very powerful.


Made the abusive Vivid Assassin Mod and Tokyo Ghoul MOD (Maybe the first Tokyo Ghoul Mod of AoTTG history.) And sometimes helping other modders from Asia.


Made RiceCake (RC) Mod, it's still the most used mod to-date.


Was the leader of a guild called "The Phantom Corps". He does nothing but play Overwatch now.


Made his own private mod known as Kage No Kishi. His mod was revived during the summer of 2018 with the help of Link and Exile.


The developer of SLB mod. Not really a modder, since all he did was steal codes from CandyMod, old RaohMod, RC mod, WiredEx mod, and other not very protected mods. Apparently, he can't speak English.


Made his own private mod, super mega abusive. Probably the most experienced modder in the community. He can code very well, and he's a funny guy, although he doesn't put much effort in modding. He likes to troll people.

T4cticalRage (Patrik) 

Very experienced modder. Their mod is called Arch, he stopped modding not much ago. He was one of the first modders.

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