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The Outside The Walls title

This is one of the areas in Outside The Walls

Outside the Walls (or OTW) is a game mode in single player It features an exclusive map; Hills.

Outside the Walls

This gamemode is much like City III, except with a few vital changes. The Female Titan will spawn if the titans have captured the fifth checkpoint, and the vast distance will make checkpoints even MORE vital, as to spawn closer to threats.


Have at least two players go ahead and capture the fifth checkpoint immediately, as to prevent the Female Titan from spawning. After that, have the two players protect the fifth checkpoint. Meanwhile, have half the group go even more ahead and whittle down incoming titan forces, and have the other half capture command points undisturbed. Once the players are ready to take over the forest checkpoint, have players approach the checkpoint from all sides, taking advantage of the trees.


  • The Forest in the map is similar to the forest map on its own. It is smaller than the normal level. This is one of the only areas where 3DMG can be used easily and effectively.
  • When a human captures a checkpoint, a Reload Station will appear.