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Attack On Titan Tribute-Game Wiki

Players have the option to choose to be a player or titan on most maps. Should you choose titan, you will become a player controlled titan with an energy bar and a specific set of moves. The players are almost alwaysJumpers.

As a player titan, your username will be displayed in an orange-yellow colour, as compared to the light blue colour for blades, or green for AHSS.

The selection screen


The players have a very limited move set unless you are playing with a mod. The moves are:

  • Left Click - 3 Slap Combo
  • Right Click - Belly flop
  • Spacebar - Walk
  • Both Hooks Key - Jump

The energy bar limits the number of successive attacks you can do. By attacking, the bar loses a portion of itself. The 3 slap combo seems to take up less energy than a belly flop. Once the energy bar is empty, you will not be able to attack. To regain energy, simply walk or stop moving.


As titan

The titan runs by default, much like an abnormal. However, you could behave like a normal titan by holding down the jump/gas button as you move. This would cause the player soldier to mistake you for a normal titan and lower his guard. However, this technique is not very effective against seasoned players who are able to distinguish player titans from normal titans by observing their subtle movements as they change direction.

One strategy is to mingle with other groups of titans, especially punks and other formidable titans. This makes it difficult for the player soldiers to attack you since they have to deal with the other titans as well.

Another way to kill player soldiers is to run towards them and perform a body flop. Body flops have a large hit-box, has thus have a larger area of effect, making it easier to crush soldiers than to slap them. Do be aware, however, of any other soldiers nearby that could take advantage of the buffer period after the body flop to slash your nape.

Beginner players tend to cling onto/scale up walls, making them easy targets for a jump-kill by jumping against the wall.

Some player titans enjoy running in circles to prevent humans from reaching their nape. While this is also a very viable strategy, some players might eventually strike the nape regardless. Also, this is likely to infuriate some players who would accuse you of your cowardice.

As soldier (Blades)

The best way to kill player titans is to attack them at high speeds from afar. This gives them little time to react to a quick incoming attack that is outside their range of sight. One common technique used is to gain momentum and perform a fly-by past the player titan. Then double-hook onto the player titan's neck/collarbone and perform a Vector Strike (Hydra Strike) by reeling in and slashing its nape. Also, by attacking from afar, it creates some distance between the soldier and the player titan, keeping him safe from a melee attack. This is especially so, as the hit-box on the player titan's arms and body is significantly larger than that of normal titans.

While Air Equator is an effective and efficient technique to use against non-player titans, it is difficult to execute against good player titans as they are able to react faster than the AI titans and slap the player as he approaches the player titan directly.

Another strategy to use is to bait the player titan into body flopping. The player soldier can then proceed to make a direct slash on the player titan's neck as it lies vulnerable on the ground. However, note that the delay time after each flop is extremely short for player titans as compared to Abnormals or Jumpers. Most experienced players take advantage of this delay period to kill the PT. By estimating the position of the nape after the PT rises from the ground, they are able to execute their strike in advance while it is still vulnerable.

Alternatively, the player soldier could wait for the player titan to run out of energy and attack it as it is bending over. However, this is an extremely unlikely event, given the fact that most player titans would try as much as possible to prevent their energy from being depleted.

It is useful to note that, unlike Jumpers, player titans are unable to calibrate your trajectory and hence is difficult for them to jump and make a successful kill in mid-air. Thus, players may be less concerned with staying air-borne above the player titan since the player titan is unlikely to attempt an ineffective move on the player soldier. However, be wary of Jumpers especially if the player titans are mingled with other titan forms, which makes it difficult to identify the player titan from the rest.

In extremely rare occasions, the player titan could be spawned as a Crawler type. In such an event, it is highly difficult to land a strike on its nape if it is constantly moving about. Furthermore, the player crawlers would not be so easily baited to a wall unlike the AI Crawlers. As such, a possible strategy is to wait for the player crawler to stop moving, then proceed to build up momentum and swing towards crawler from afar. As you approach the crawler's body, hook onto its nape and reel yourself in to strike it. This, however, presents a very high chance of missing since the target is not upright. Thus, a high level of skill is required to execute this move. If you miss the nape of the crawler but still have your hooks attached there, "piggyback" the crawler and continue to reel in towards its nape even as it is moving about. There is a chance for you to land a hit on its nape if you reel in hard enough. Otherwise, it would be a better option for you to flee as it very likely for you to fall off its back and under its body in its stampede.

A way to identify a player titan that pretends to be a normal titan is to observe how it changes direction. Player titans tend to make sharp and unnatural twists of their bodies as they change their direction, whereas normal titans make smooth and gradual turns as they change direction. This movement made by normal titans almost impossible for players to mimic and hence this is an effective method. Furthermore, player titans cannot sit down, or shuffle their feet to turn their bodies around. Hence, you can lower your guard if you spot a titan doing either of the two.


  • You can climb up the columns of the city walls as a player titan, though it leaves your nape exposed.