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A Punk covering it's nape

Punk Titans or Punks are abnormal titans with key differences from the other types of abnormal Titans. They appear on waves 5, 10, 15, and 20 of Forest (Gamemode), as well as less commonly on other modes. These are an original type of Titan to the universe, not appearing in the canon universe. Punk Titans are dubbed as reference to the Mohawks they used to have for hair.


A Punk Titan is the most highly responsive type of Titan in the game, and one of the most dangerous, alongside Crawlers. A Punk can chase down a player indefinitely after spotting them just once. If they are a certain distance from the player, they will throw a rock at them. If close enough, a Punk will attack you as a normal titan, however, unlike the normal titans, they do not pound the ground after their second slap, and do not stop moving after each attack, giving the player no time to rest. If the player is behind them, they will sit down and cover the back of the neck with their hands, making killing them even more difficult. 


  • They can attack from afar.
  • The boulders are thrown according to your current trajectory, almost always guaranteeing a hit.
  • They can cover their napes, nullifying nearly all attacks.
  • They have a very dangerous air swat attack which can easily kill a player circling around or flying near them.
  • The combo they do when blinded stops abruptly after the second slap, and have no delay after the attack, enabling them to keep attacking repeatedly.
  • Due to the way their back arches when they run, it is harder to hit the nape from behind while they are running.


  • When throwing a boulder, they will not move until the boulder is thrown. This leaves them vulnerable for a very brief window which can be utilized more easily in multiplayer games.
  • When their boulders hit any titan (apart from bosses), the titan will be dazed for few seconds.
  • When they cover their nape, it is possible to cut through their defense, albeit to some extent of difficulty. The specific area unprotected by a punk's hands is around the top of the nape. This is easier to execute on 4 meter punks.
  • Punk Titans sit down on the ground and doze if there are no players nearby. Sometimes they do not react quickly when a player arrives, which could give an opportunity to attack.
  • A few of the strengths depicted above are also the punks weakness. While the slap may be considered dangerous, it is also an opening as the punk is left open when he slaps. The key is to bait the punks into slapping the air and reeling in on the nape.
  • While the punks cover their nape their eyes are open to be hit. Correctly maneuvering after hitting it, you can cut its ankles, or get a good hook if you couldn't before.
  • The AHSS also makes quick work of punks as you needn't be as close as you do with blades. You can also shoot through his hands when he covers his nape.
  • In short, make the punk do what you want. Bait his animations and play him into your blades.


  • Punks are the only titan so far in the game to never appear in the original series.
  • They are the only Titan that cannot be played by players (with exceptions of the Boss Titans).
  • It is possible for a Punk to be hit by its own rock. This would cause the punk to sit down just like any normal titan when hit by a punk-thrown rock. This phenomenon could occur when the punk throws the rock at a player that swings underneath its body, when a Punk a rock and eventually gets hit by it (near impossible to pull off), or when the rock is thrown at an obstacle (e.g. trees, buildings) directly in front of the Punk. This causes the rock to collide at an extremely close proximity to the Punk, thereby causing it to slump to the ground.
  • Punks used to have their own unique 'Mohawk' haircuts with unnatural hair colors, which other titans didn't have, thus giving them the name of Punks. However, this is changed and now only have a normal hair.