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Sasha Blouses stats

Sasha Blouse is a playable [[::Category:Characters|character]] in Attack on Titan Tribute Game. Her stats are pretty average asides the exceptional amount of speed she has and some decent acceleration, making her a good character for amateur players wanting to build skill in fast kills.


Sasha's appearance is similar to the anime, with brown hair pulled back in a long pony tail and round brown eyes. She wears the default skin with a light grey shirt.


Speed: 140

Gas Capacity: 100

Blade Durability: 100

Acceleration: 115


Sasha Blouse is a character that excels in ground combat. This pairs extremely well with Potato Speed ability. A good strategy for her is to maintain combat on the ground.


  • Fast on ground
  • VERY effective against normal titans
  • Above average acceleration


  • Blades and gas need to be constantly reloaded
  • Not effective against crawlers
  • Special has a relatively long cool down


Potato Speed - Potato Speed has the player shove a baked potato in her mouth. After this, the player's running speed increase exponentially at 30.9 feet per second and dodge at 10.8 feet per second. It's best effective as a dodging technique, and when needing to travel towards an objective without using gas.


  • You can outrun 15 meter crawlers using Sasha Blouse.
  • Sasha has the fastest speed of all characters, both with and without effects of special ability.