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Attack On Titan Tribute-Game Wiki

Introduction to RC

The RC mod is a mod made for the Attack on Titan Tribute Game and currently the most popular mod. It is one of the mods Feng Lee, the game's developer, has accepted as a usable mod. It doesn't contain ANY types of viruses, so it's safe to use. The game has no need of Unity web player, the only thing required to use RC Mod is a working Internet connection if you wish to play together with others online. 


In order to get the mod, go to the download directory of the official RC mod website located here. On that page, you click the first download link under the heading  'Windows Only'. Click the green 'Download' button in the top right corner of the Mediafire-page, you will be reconnected to. By doing that your browser will download the RCFinal.exe. Now you can place the downloaded file wherever you wish to and simply double click it like you would do with any other program on your computer.


RC configuration window

Once you successfully downloaded and started RC mod a window called 'ATTACK_ON_TITAN Configuration' will show up. This window has two tabs called 'Graphics' and 'Input'.

'Graphics' lets the user configure their screen resolution, whether the window should be displayed in full screen or windowed, the Graphics quality, and the selected monitor.


The screen resolution is, simply put, the setting of how big the window, RC mod will be displayed in, is going to be.

The windowed checkbox is important when you choose a screen resolution smaller than 1920x1080, for the simple reason that if u don't tick 'Windowed' the game will be stretched to full screen with a lower resolution. Therefore if you want your game to be displayed in the actual chosen size, tick windowed, unless you chose 1920x1080 - as known as full screen. In that case 'Windowed' isn't necessary.

The graphics quality setting influences how the textures in-game will be shown. Generally, if your setup is good and your game runs smoothly you can choose Good, Beautiful or Fantastic. If it doesn't, better choose Fastest, Fast or Simple. In case this configuration doesn't work properly for you (it doesn't for me) you can configure these settings later in the game as well, as described here.

'Select monitor' does exactly what it says. It chooses the monitor the game will be displayed on. This is only relevant to you if you do indeed have more than one monitor.

The second tab 'input' is solely important to players who wish to play the game using a controller. In this tab, you can configure what action your controller buttons will do in-game. (A/N: I do not know whether this feature actually works. I couldn't play with my PS4 controller.)


I believe 'Play!' and 'Quit' need no explanation.

RC Main menu

Once the game has been started after clicking the 'Play!'-button you will find yourself on the games main menu. It is similar to the original game's with a few changes.

Main menu.png

At the top left corner, there's a blue panel that holds the 'Login', 'Custom Name' and 'Servers' tabs.

The 'Login' tab is a relic from the time Feng was still actively updating the game and you could create an account on the official game site. You can log in here if you still have a working account from back then. If you don't this tab is useless to you. The 'Custom Name' tab is again somewhat self-explanatory: You type a username in the 'Name:' panel, a guild-name in the 'Guild' panel and you are good to go. The part that does indeed need some explanation is the coloring of your chosen name. If you don't set any color your name will be shown in-game as follows:

default colored name

If you want to change the display colour of your name, you need to use so-called 'Hex color codes'. There are guides on these color codes on the Internet, you can look for them if you want to know more but I will keep it simple in this guide. The general way you customize the color looks like this:


To show how you can set the colors I will explain it step by step using an example. Let's say I want my in-game name to look like this:

colored name

In order to achieve that we first need the color codes for every single letter. To find out what hex-code outputs what color use sites like This is my preferred one but there are many others like it on the web.

Once you enter the page you will see the following general layout:

The easiest way to find color codes is, in my opinion, to use the color selector on the right side of the search bar. Click it and choose a color using your mouse. It will look like this once you have done that:

In this picture, I chose a shade of red with the color-hex: 'ba0c0c'. We will now do the same for all the colors of the chosen name.

Maroon: '471e3b'

Pink: 'ec3eb9'

And Grey: 'd4cfcf'

As you might have noticed my username 'Zayki' has 5 letters but I only chose 4 colors. I didn't do that because I wanted the last letter to be shown in the default color, but because the input in the 'Name:' panel is limited to 40 characters and if I had added a 5th color, it would've exceeded those 40.

Now if we want the name to look like it does in the picture colored name, we write:


The letters between the brackets are the ones that will actually be shown. The numbers in the brackets are the color hex, that tells RC Mod what color to show. When choosing a color you do not use the hashtag '#' or it won't work.

A much simpler example of setting colors is:


which shows the name in white or:


which will show it in black. Colouring the 'Guild' tag works exactly as names do.

The 'Servers'




Level Skins

Level Skin

Level Skin is a setting that lets the player customize the appearance of one of the existing maps. 

Titan Skins

Titan Skins

Titan Skin lets the player decorate the titan's skin, making them look different.


Settings include 3 semi menus. Titan, PVP, and Misc. With Titan you can decide how many spawn, how to kill them, and what spawns. With PVP you decide if bombs are on, if Infection is on, or if team PVP is on. In Misc you can change the titans per wave, maximum waves, re spawn times, horses, and the message of the day. Also includes Nape health, nape armor, # of titans.


Allows the player to custom bomb radius, as well as color.


Human Skin

Human Skins allow the player to customize EVERYTHING about the character's appearences. The images need to be uploaded via internet photo sharing links, however. Only other RC Mod users can see your skin, including yourself.

Human Skin


Rebinds let you change what controls activate what moves. You can customize the Human controls, The Player Titan controls, and the Horse controls.

Custom Logic

Custom Logic

Custom Logic is a setting that allows the player to change the Game Mechanics, such as gravity, or acceleration.


Many of these features are added in the new Beta.