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This is a [[::Category:Maps|map]] in AoTTG that does not appear in the Attack on Titan universe. It is made as a tutorial, allowing players new to the game to learn basic mechanics of the game.


The tutorial is split into several stages.

The first consists of a straight platform with a green cylinder. Here, you learn how to walk.

First Stage

The second stage has an upward hill, with the green cylinder at the top. You learn how to jump and wall-climb in this stage.

Second Stage

The third stage has several platforms that are disconnected, forcing the player to use the Maneuvering Gear. This is where you learn how to use individual and simultaneous hooks.

Third Stage

The fourth stage is another straight platform with a Reload Station in the middle. This is where you learn how to reload and resupply gas and blades.

Fourth Stage

After you enter the fourth stages green cylinder, you are transported to the Battle Training map. This is where you learn how to dodge and face your first Titan.


  • The orange block in stage 3 is the symbol for Taunt
  • You can be Titan Eren in tutorial, but you are stuck on the first stage.

Titan Eren in tutorial